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Okay, so who has been a retail shop assistant (SA) before? We have. For years, actually. I think many will agree with me that after years of trying to help customers find what they are looking for, trying to make sales to meet targets with people that clearly don’t want to buy anything – however, you just have to keep pushing because Retail 101 teaches you that, no matter what, you have to make sure that every single customer must be served. When you’re someone like me, who, as a customer, would much rather be left alone to my own devices, it is quite difficult to try and talk to customers that have the exact same shopping mentality. Retail wasn’t probably the best job for me, but everyone has to pay the bills, right?

I have great respect for most of the SA’s out there. They work hard – on their feet all day, smiling all day, always having to be on the ball so they don’t get caught leaning when they want to give their tired legs a little rest. So nowadays, thankfully, my retail days are over and I look around and think these guys on the floor could do with more common courtesy. Instead of expecting the employees to make way for you, the customer, if you see that they are working hard to make another customer happy, make way for them. If you’re clothes shopping and something you’re looking at falls off the hanger and onto the floor, pick it up and put it back to where it was. 

Simple things like these can make someone’s life a lot easier. It’s the little things that make the biggest differences. Give it a go. You’ll find that the more respect you show, the more you will receive.