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Hi everyone!

Jen here.

Three months ago, Joy and I wanted to try something new. We wanted to try our hand at sharing with you all our personal style in the hope that it may inspire.

We have both put in a lot of time and effort over the past few months to get the blog to where it is today. Unfortunately, Joy will no longer be able share this creative journey with me as she has other commitments that she needs to tend to.

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing all this with her and she will be missed (to me, in the blog world). We continue to be great, great friends and we’ll still be seeing each other every other day, if not everyday.

Please join me in thanking Joy for all her efforts with this blog!

Now, don’t think the blog ends here. I’ll be continuing on, but with a new name to mark the new path in the journey.

Tonight We Dream

This new name stems from a phrase that I came up with many years ago. During my final year in university, my major work was a short film based on dreams. I had spent many sleepless nights rethinking, reworking and refining my artwork and when it was all done and dusted, I wanted something to remind me of what I had accomplished. I had the phrase inked onto my arm and now, it also lives on through my blog. Welcome to Tonight We Dream!


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