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Travel Essentials: Boracay Edition

A sentiment I have, that is probably not echoed by jet-setters, is that I love packing for a holiday. It’s that moment when you can finally stopped looking forward to your trip because the time is already upon you.


My destination? Boracay, Philippines. Boracay is an island just south of Manila, which is the captial of the Philippines. It is most definitely a tourist hotspot with its beautiful beaches and amazing views. This will be my first time going and the main purpose of this trip is for a friend’s wedding. I’ll be staying just four nights so there’s much to cram in. As for packing, clothes-wise, everything will be light and summery. For once, I won’t have to worry about the weight of my baggage because in addition to all my clothes being lightweight, I’ll be using my new Paklite luggage!

I’ve got the medium and cabin sized StyleAIR cases. These are a part of their hard case collection, made from Bayer Makrolon – making them ultra lightweight. The medium case weighs in at only 3.25kg and the cabin at 2.4kg. And to top it all off, they’re in the champagne colour! So, you may be thinking, why is she so excited for luggage? Well, before these, the last overseas trip it went on, I used a piece of luggage that was probably a decade old that my parents bought from the markets. I think it weighed somewhere around 5kg alone. After that, I hadn’t bought any new luggage for myself since I just didn’t travel enough to deem it worthwhile to spend that amount of money so I just borrowed my sister’s hard case. So yes, I am excited!


The Paklite, both sizes have the same features. Outside,

they have TSA-approved locks, and inside, they have a compartment on one side that you can completed zip up so keeping your things organised is even easier – and you can fit a hell of a lot more in. The medium size is also expandable for all those unexpected purchases. And last, but not least, my favourite little detail, the interior is red – I find this so effing chic.


Where to buy:

You can purchase Paklite from their own online store or if you want to have a closer look, head into David Jones. You can use the store locator on their site to see where is closest to you.

Travel Beauty Essentials

If it were sensible to do so, I would bring my whole bathroom cupboard with me since I’m quite the ‘just-in-case’ type of person. Alas, it is not sensible, so here are my must-haves when travelling.


Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator

Since the climate at my destination will be really hot and humid, I don’t want to be applying heavy moisturiser. I’ll be using this Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator each night as it’s light and is quickly absorbed into the skin with plenty of anti-oxidants.


Shampoo & Conditioner

I know you can just go to the local store and pick up some shampoo and conditioner when you reach your destination. Or, you could even just use the ones provided in the hotel. However, when you have high

maintenance hair, you want to make sure you take care of it even when you’re on holiday. I picked up there Manicare travel bottles from Priceline. They provide you with little labels so you can put basically any self-hygienic liquid in there and you’ll be saving 1-2kg of weight in your luggage! Also, you don’t have to worry about a giant bottle of condition exploding in transit. For shampoo, I’m using my colourist-recommended Evo Preserve Colour Maintenance Shampoo. For conditioner, I am using custom-made Evo colour conditioner which will help maintain my colour.


Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser

I was sent this little sample from Boscia to try out. Since it is the perfect travel size, I’ll be taking this on my journey. I’ve had some experience with activated charcoal cleansers before (which you can read here), and they definitely work a charm. I will post my review once I get back home.

Clarins White Plus Brightening Hydrating Emulsion SPF20

Don’t get thrown off by ‘White Plus’ here – it is definitely not my intention to get whiter skin! What I like about this product is that it has SPF and is ultra lightweight making it comfortable under my make up as I put on this emulsion every morning, even though it has sun protection in it. I usually only use half a pump, so I put about 6 pumps in a little Manicare pot. You could seriously knock someone out with the Clarins bottle due to its weight. I’m pretty sure it’s ceramic.


Chloe ‘Roses De Chloe’

Finally, my perfume. This has been my one and only scent for a few years now and I haven’t found anything worthy to replace it. If you want something light and a little flowery and fruity, try this.



Who goes to a tropical island and doesn’t bring swimmers? No one. Here are my picks:


IYA Swimwear

A little sexy number. I love this one for its unique shape.



Bikinis don’t get much cuter than this one. This white set will be sure to make you feel good. Unfortunately, it is sold out – but, you can get a similiar style from Glassons here.


Cesa PH

One of my favourites right now. For those of you with smaller busts, this one is for you. It also has removable padding – A+


Wanderlust Bikinis

Mixing and matching bikini sets is the way to go when you want to wear something a little different. I love the peacock print bottoms from Wanderlust Bikinis. Pair with a white bikini top.



Adidas Stan Smith

Low-cut, classic but with a twist. I got these babies for Christmas and I love! They are laser cut is a cross hatch pattern which ever-so-slightly reveals a little bit of the blue underneath.



I found these at Freelance Shoes in QVB just last week. I don’t wear sandals much, but with these, that may change. Buy here, or an alternative version here.


Seed Heritage

Although they aren’t stocking any espadrilles right now, I always go back to Seed for mine. They are so comfortable and affordable – perfect for flight mode.


Adidas Superstars

These need no introduction – just look at how worn out mine are!





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  5. I love the intro of this post. It described perfectly what’s the feeling you get before going on a trip. And your essentials definitely help me to remember the things I need haha. The swimsuits are soooo fashionable btw


  6. Beautiful photos, and probably one of the most helpful travel packing guides I’ve ever seen!! Boracay is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit.

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  8. That sounds like a fun trip! Love the colour of the suitcases and Parsley seed hydrator is so good in warm weathers!


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