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Snow in September

Last weekend, I saw snow for the first time in 16 years. Crazy, right? Literally the last time was when I was in 6th grade and I got a fever after the very first day. But this time, I went with some good friends, talking, singing, laughing and just having fun. So, here’s my quick review on some of the services we used to make this trip possible.


First up, we had to hire a 4WD as we would be driving along dirt tracks. For this, I hopped on drivenow.com.au and found the company with the best rate (i.e. unlimited KM’s with the lowest price). So, Thrifty it was! We hired a Mitsubishi Pajero from Thrifty Artarmon. The guy who served us there was a bit of a douche (understatement) – he acted like he owned all of Thrifty and treated his staff like they didn’t matter, one of the worst traits you can have. We mentioned that we were going around the Jindabyne area and immediately he told us we needed to have snow cover. Mind you, there is zero snow in Jindabyne during this time of the year and we were not driving on any snow since we were taking the ski tube up to Perisher. But there you go, another one hundred and something dollars added onto the bill. We got out of there as soon as we could since he was being such a prick. Despite all that though, the guy we returned he car to, at the same location, was awesome.


Fast forward to after our time on the road, when we arrived at our AirBnB in Dalgety. We chose a place a bit further away from Jindabyne, as prices were cheaper and accommodation was more appealing. The place was called Snowpine Lodge. And wow, this house was beautiful! For anyone looking for a place to stay around this area, this is it. The house was so cosy, the area was peaceful and quiet, and everything was impeccable. Key standout: the fireplace right in the middle of the living room with the ability to heat up the entire house. Just one thing to remember, note down the access codes on something that is non-internet reliant. We arrived at the house with no reception whatsoever and had to drive halfway back down the dirt track to get that one bar of reception needed to open the AirBnB app. We were told, we did not listen.

The next day, we drove to Jindabyne to pick up our rented snow gear from a shop called Monster Sports. The guys here are very helpful and just cool. We prebooked online so we received 20% off our snow jackets, pants, boots and snowboard. The one thing that held me up with the gear was that they advised that your boots should be tight, so that your toes are touching the front when your knees are bent. I got one size too small and literally started sweating from the pain. When we reached the ski tube station, I had to go to the nearby hire shop to get a size up – another $43 to add to the bill.


We took the ski tube from Jindabyne up to Blue Cow in Perisher to learn how to fall on our arses, gracefully (just kidding, my boyfriend is the best teacher – still fell on my arse a lot). By the second day, us three novices were able to snowboard a lot more proficiently. We practiced on the easy slope, which had a travelator back up to the top, and at midday we met back up with bae, who had been doing some harder runs, to have lunch. So the main point I want to highlight to you all here is this: bring your own drinks. Unless you want to pay $5.40 for a bottle of water, that is.


So, that’s pretty much it. We all had a blast during the trip and I seriously cannot wait to go again. I think my favourite part was taking a break from snowboarding in the middle of a run to jump is the softest snow and make snow angels. The weather was perfect on the second day – we almost didn’t need a jacket or gloves since it was so warm and sunny. Lying in the snow was a relief from the heat and this moment made the whole experience even more unforgettable.

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