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Bali Beach Clubs: Potato Head

There are so many beach clubs to choose from in Bali and if it’s your first time, like it was mine, it can be hard to choose which one to go to. The first on the list was Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak. I had done some research through places like TripAdvisor, reading multiple blogs and watching YouTube videos, and they all mentioned Potato Head first. I’m always a little hesitant to go with the most popular result because with social media these days, these places tend to be overcrowded and over-hyped. But this was not the case here.

Although we knew we should have arrived just before opening (10am), typical holiday mood got us there a bit before 11am. By this time, all the day beds by the pool were already taken but we secured a spot further back. It was still an amazing area where you could lie down while the staff tend to your every need. We put our names down for a day bed just in case and at around 2pm, the staff led us to our own. To be honest, day bed or no, it was great either way.

You do have to open a tab by giving the staff your credit card, which they will return to you when you pay and leave. There is a sort of entry fee which is in part redeemable for food and drinks – I think ended up paying a little less than AUD$150 for the whole day which included lunch, dinner and many snack size meals and, most importantly, cocktails all day (pretty sure we had 8 in total). All in all, that is pretty well worth it considering the level of service you receive and being able to spend the day in a place like this.

  • Arrive early, at 11am, there were only 2 beds left
  • Avoid getting a bed on the right hand side at the back – you won’t get any sun all day
  • Bring lots of sunscreen – we got so tanned within 10 minutes
  • Don’t worry about losing your bed or belongings when you want to hop into the pool, the staff are supervising and know exactly where each guest in places
  • Head down to the beach at sunset to catch an amazing view