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Anaconda III – Day One


20160213-IMG_2758[Outfit] Playsuit: The Chic Hunter

First stop after our first night on the Anaconda III, we reached Whitehaven Beach. I've been here once before when I was but a wee child and since then, this place hasn't changed much. Now, don't go thinking that is a bad thing at all - it is definitely a good thing this place is the same. Over the year, it's really sad to admit that global warming and climate change have really affected the Great Barrier Reef (video coming ...), but it hasn't been too harsh on this island. As you can see, the sand (which is actually silicon) is still white and clean - free of any rubbish, thankfully the visitors respect this land enough to clean up after themselves.




20160213-IMG_2926[Outfit] Bikini top: Surania // Bikini bottoms: Duskii

The water was absolutely beautiful. Even though the weather was a toasty 30°, the water wasn't too cold - it was just right. We had to wear our stinger suits since it was 'stinger season' which means that the jellyfish are out to play. Now, we didn't see any around the shore, but on the boat gawd. They were massive! I could only imagine the pain of being stung by one of those - stinger suit for me please! They look kinda awesome anyway.



So after about two hours at Whitehaven Beach, we had to board back onto the Anaconda III and head for our destination. Unfortunately, we weren't really told exactly how long we had on the island and so we missed out on walking to the lookout on the hill *sadface*.



We moved to a location for our first snorkel of the trip. Unluckily for us, this day wasn't the best, visibility-wise. The water wasn't very clear so it was quite difficult to see anything under the water. Nevertheless, it still felt amazing to be in the middle of the ocean, just floating ...


The sun was setting and the cameras all came out. On the Anaconda III, only 32 guests are allowed on the boat at any one time. This time around there were only 28 which meant it was a nice small group. When the sun set over the water, everyone flocked to the rails trying to get the best shot. To be honest, it was quite hard not to shoot something beautiful - nature spoke for herself. Although, I must say, no photo ever would do this view justice.



  1. these photos are amazing! oh i miss beach days. never heard of a stinger suit before, is that a specific type of wetsuit?

    1. That’s right, it’s specifically to prevent jellyfish stings so it’s much thinner than your usual wetsuit

  2. Your hair are pure perfection !



    1. Aw thanks!!

  3. Gorgeous location and I love the beach wear 🙂

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