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The App That Every Instagrammer Is Using Right Now

You most likely would have seen how a lot of Instagram stories from your favourite ‘grammers have fancy designs added to them for example, looking like the photo is torn, printed on film, or just awesomely laid out. Have you been wondering how they managed to do that? How long did they spend getting these 15 second Instagram Stories into this format?

The answer is: not long at all. If you’ve read my previous posts on how to edit your Instagram Stories (part one and two), you would know that I did used to spend a great deal of time and effort making mine look fab due to the lack of available apps on the market to do this all for me. Now, it seems as though the developer gods have listened and have brought us Unfold. Giving you a huge range of free layouts to use and some that are paid for, you can start to make your own stories look like a professional Instagrammer’s in no time!

Download here for iOS and here for Android

Enjoy kiddos