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Review: Neostrata Resurface

The Neostrata Resurface range is for those whose skin is rough, has uneven texture, dullness or uneven colour. It supposed to minimise the appearance of fine lines, smooth the skins texture and visibly reduce the appearance of pores. When I received this range, I was advised that it contains high levels of AHA’s and if I hadn’t used products containing this before, I should slowly introduce the products one at a time. So how did I do?

There are five products in this range and the order in which to use them goes like this: foaming wash > serum > lotion (only use lotion plus, instead of the lotion, if your skin is being extra stubborn) > cream. I started off with the foaming wash and used it for about 2 weeks, day and night, before using the serum as well. What I noticed, almost immediately, was that my skin felt extremely smooth and soft. The products have a gradual release system that maximises the skins tolerability while using high concentrations of AHA’s.

However, due to my skin’s sensitivity and, I guess, lack of the problems the products are supposed to target, my skin started to react negatively when I added the serum into the routine. What’s happened here is, the products are actually too strong for my skin type. I have a friend who has problematic skin (acne, rough and uneven skin) and they swear by this range.

My final thoughts? These products are great at what they are meant to do – probably too good that I had a reaction. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, I’d definitely recommend this to you. It will work wonders. However, if you only have light breakouts and generally your skin is a little towards the dry side (especially in winter), the foaming wash will suffice – and only use it up until your skin feels nice and smooth. That’s my plan anway, if and when my skin feels a little rough again, I will re-introduce the wash back into my skincare regime.

I hope this has helped you learn more about this range and if you have any questions, comment below! You can purchase Neostrata products from Priceline and Chemist Warehouse.