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Review: Derma e

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The hunt for skincare that suits your skin type is always a hard one. In a US study last year, the beauty industry generated approximately $56.2 billion with 23.7% of that revenue coming from skincare. That’s a whooping $13.3 billion in the US alone! One can assume that much of this revenue is due to the fact that people buy a lot of products and many of which are put aside for newer products before the old ones are even finished. I’ve recently aimed to finish all my products before I go and buy something new – my god, this has saved me so much money! I never realised how often I’d just go out and purchase just because the packaging was pretty and/or I just wanted to try it.


Reviews online are a great way to help you figure out what you should invest in. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to market my own review. I actually like to get information for a few different reviews of the same product just to get different opinions since something that works for one person may not work for another. Try to look for reviews where the reviewer has a similar skin type to you.


So before I begin my spiel on two of Derma e’s ranges, here is a little bit about my skin type. Oily around the t-zone and just below my lip. Dry around the corners of my nose and the lips. Everything else is pretty neutral.


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Let’s start with the Purify range.


The key ingredient is this range is the activated charcoal. This is known to be able to absorb up to 200 times its weight in impurities. This range is great for people with normal to oily skin in urban environments (fits my description perfectly). I could go on about this technical stuff but you can read it all on their website. Let’s move onto the real stuff.


The Rotation:


1. Purifying Gel Cleanser (every day, morning and night)

2. Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask (once a week)

3. Purifying Youth Serum (every night)

4. Purifying Oil-Free Moisturizer (every night)


Let it be noted that this is my personal rotation. The packaging recommends that you use the serum and moisturizer morning and night but I do find that it is too heavy to put on in the morning and would leave my skin feeling too thick under my makeup.


I’ve been using this range for about two weeks now and I am really feeling the difference. I haven’t had any break outs since I started and my skin is looking fresher with each day.

The Breakdown:


Purifying Gel Cleanser

My number one must-have in a cleanser is its ability to remove makeup. And there is no question about it, this one does just that. I squeeze about the size of a 10c coin onto my fingertips and work the formula in small circular motions all around my face and neck for about 1-2 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. I also like to wet a face towel, wring it, and wipe down my face.


Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask

I use this one once a week and just follow the instructions on the package. Apply a nice thick layer of this on your face, avoiding your eye and lip areas. Leave on for 10-20 minutes then wet your fingertips with warm water and wet your face in small circular motions. Rinse off.


Purifying Youth Serum

After my face is cleansed, I pump just a small amount (like a pinky-nail size) of the serum on my fingertips and gently apply all over the face.


Purifying Oil-Free Moisturizer

I wait about a minute for the serum to set in before applying the moisturizer – also the same amount as the serum.

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The Soothing range is for people whose skin is quite sensitive and prone to redness – it is also an anti-aging product. I thought this range would be good for me since my skin used to be quite sensitive. I used this range for about a month but realised that I should’ve paid attention to my own words – my skin used to be sensitive. It doesn’t really fit that MO anymore so even though this range is really good, it probably wasn’t for me. I would certainly recommend it to people whose skin is easily irritated.

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