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Review: Aesop


I was first introduced to Aesop by my sister. I am known for my tendency to get extremely dry skin and I am also known for not doing anything about it. So, one Christmas, she gifted me the Aesop hand balm. And a good present it was. This hand balm moisturises so well and for so long. That hand balm also made me curious to try some of Aesop’s other products.

I used to have a theory that Asian facial moisturisers were the best for my skin. This was because I had already spent hundreds of dollars on expensive designer creams and it didn’t seem like they ever did anything for me. When I visited Hong Kong and discovered places like Watson’s and Sasa, I went crazy! Skincare was so cheap and there was such a variety. I bought a cream that cost me about AUD$10 and it worked wonders. I can’t tell you want brand it was or what it’s purpose was, because, to be quite honest, I didn’t understand a word that was written on the packaging. And that language barrier made it really difficult to get more of that same product when I returned back to Sydney. I spent years trialing all different sorts of moisturisers until I found Aesop. For my face, I use their Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator, which, I am told, is great for Australia’s climate. It is really light and makes me feel fresh – perfect for my skin-type (normal to oily).

After two wins by Aesop, I was keen to try another product. I noticed my hair salon’s bathroom always had an Aesop hand wash that contained exfoliating beads. Now, some of you might be thinking, “Exfoliating hand wash? What’s new?”. Well, for me, I had never seen or used one before and it amazed me. Therefore, my next Aesop investment was their Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash.

So, that’s three wins by Aesop! The prices are a little on the higher side, but unlike some of those expensive designer skincare products, I find that I’m actually getting what I paid for.