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Perfect Brows with Nude by Nature

I think I was pretty late to the brow game. I didn’t understand the difference it made to your entire look. Over the years, I have tried a few different products – some great, some I probably just didn’t know how to use. I once read an article that said that brow pencils were the most difficult to master. That’s what I, unknowingly, started on. I also didn’t know that brushing out your brows after application was a thing. So, there I was, walking around with heavy, unblended brows. Let’s just say, I’d rather not remember those times. To my defense, I started during a time where social media didn’t exactly exist.

These days, I go get my brows threaded every 4 weeks or so. I used to get them waxed but the lady told me my hairs were too fine and that threading would work better. If you’re in Sydney, I would highly recommend going to Ashnay at Blink Beauty Bar. She has been doing my brows for years now and she is amazing! I’ve referred my sister and a girlfriend to her and they’re regulars now. You can really tell when someone is great at what they do when your referrals keep going back. Ashnay also offers super affordable prices ($20!) and only takes 5 minutes to give you the perfect shape.

Now, onto product. I’m currently using the Nude by Nature Natural Definition Brow Palette in 02 Brown. This palette features two brow powders that can be used alone or blended together. It also has a highlighter that you can use to accentuate your brows further. The double ended brush that comes with the palette makes application so easy – I generally only spend about 30 seconds to a minute, max, to do my brows. The powder composition is great, not too dusty and not too stiff which means it’s really easy to create little brush strokes to mimic real brow hairs.

I highly recommend this cute little palette. I use it every time I put on make up and the size means it’s so easy to travel with. Throughout the day, I really don’t even have to think about my brows – it just lasts until I take it off. You can pick up one of these on their website for just $29.95 or visit your local Priceline Pharmacy – so accessible!