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Oh, Dafni

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In our ever evolving, fast-paced world, we are always on the lookout for things that will save us time but still provide us with the same high quality as before. Heck, you can even buy barbeques where the parts are completely dishwasher-safe (if you have a spare $6000). Brands are constantly pushed to innovate because if they don’t, they won’t last in this day and age.


One part of my daily routine takes up much more time than I would like: getting ready. Due to my high maintenance hair, I have to spend so long just to make it look somewhat presentable. This means that, approximately 15 minutes before I have to GTFO, I hit super speed and try to dry my hair as quickly as possible, style it, get clothes on, and bolt out the door. If you have long hair, you will understand the pain of drying your hair – it just takes way too long (to those people with Dyson hair dryers: get that smug look off your face). And, because I spent all that time drying my hair, I don’t have much time to style it.


I recently tried the Dafni ceramic hair straightening brush (available only at The Shaver Shop) in a bid to reduce the time it takes me to get ready. I was quite impressed with the results. The brush only takes a minute to heat up to its pre-determined heat (185 degrees) – which is the optimal heat, FYI. It beeps once to let you know it’s on, twice to say it’s heating up and one last time

to tell you when it is ready to use – there is only a light around the power button that lights up from red to green. Using the Dafni brush is ultimately the same as using any other brush – the only three things you need to remember is to make sure your hair is as close as possible to the roots of the spokes, brush slowly, and, don’t burn your fingers (it’s pretty unlikely your hands will be close enough to burn due to the design, but before coffee, who knows what happens). Brush to your heart’s content! After about five minutes, I was happy with the results and I was on my way – it really was super quick.


Now, some of you may have already had a look at other reviews of this product. With everything, there are always going to be haters. The thing you have to remember with this product is that it does not replace your hair dryer. Like with other traditional flat iron hair straighteners, your hair needs to be dry and brushed before you use the product. If you don’t follow the instructions, you will find that your hair might pull or get damaged – just like when you run a regular brush through wet hair. It’s quite simple – follow the instructions, get results.


With the holiday season coming up, this would do as a great gift for people who run a tight schedule like me and need something quick and easy. You can pick up your own Dafni only at The Shaver Shop! Happy shopping.

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  1. Great post! I can’t wait to try this brush do you think it’s better than the Ghd?

    1. I think it straightens more naturally than a GHD, but GHD’s have more versatility since you can use them to curl your hair too. I think the main benefits of the Dafni is it looks more natural, it’s faster to use and it’s not as damaging to your hair

  2. Love everything about this post! So cute!
    Love, Hadasah Love
    http://www.styletolove.com | Instagram @hadasahlove

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