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Current Hair Situation

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Long hair has always been my preference for myself. The only reason why I had cut it short in recent months was because it was necessary. Each time I went to the hairdresser to get my regrowth touched up, more and more of my hair would snap and break off. It was so bad that one side of my hair was a whole two inches shorter than the other side – not fun!


I have been following two US-based beauty bloggers: Francis Lola (aka Flamcis) and Ellen Vlora. These two girls always have amazing colour in their long locks and I needed to know what their secret was to healthy looking pastel coloured hair. Both these beautiful ladies are Asian meaning that the process of getting their hair coloured would be similar to mine in the sense that they would’ve had to go from the darkest natural hair colour to the lightest to achieve that perfect pastel. Soon, I realised what that secret was (wasn’t really a secret since they openly share this info), hair extensions.


I didn’t really like the idea of getting the traditional hair extensions (I think they’re called micro bead extensions?). I wanted something that wasn’t going to damage my hair and that I could easily remove at home when I felt like it. First I tried

clip-in extensions but I found that they were quite uncomfortable when you wore them for more than a couple of hours – a bit too heavy. I did a bit more online research and found tape extensions. These suited my needs perfectly. You can apply them at home, with the help of a friend who can follow YouTube instructions and has a good amount of patience and attention to detail. Lucky for me, my best friend is that person to the T.


I bought mine from Zala Hair Extensions – an Australia-based company who stock very high quality clip-in and tape extensions. I got the 60-piece set of 20 inch Ice Queen Platinum Blonde extensions and passed them onto my hair colourist, Kristina Russell from Edwards and Co., to get them all jazzed up with her amazing creative skill. I always go back to Kris for any of my colouring needs – she works absolute magic with colour and I adore her can-do attitude. If you ever want to colour your hair, whether it be crazy colours like me or the perfect balayage, or anything with hair colour really, Kris is the person you want. She will listen to what you want and give it to you – but one of the things I love about her is that she isn’t afraid to tell you if what you are after isn’t going to be the best thing for you.

I appreciate that so much since you don’t want to go paying good money for a mistake that could have been avoided.


Kris coloured my extensions first and then I took them home and my bestie put them in for me, watching this easy-to-follow YouTube video by Zala. I had quite a blunt cut which came down to just below my shoulders and this was pretty obvious when you put the extensions in – so I headed back to Edwards and Co. to get the extensions blended into my actual hair. Now, for hair cuts and styling, my top preference is Liam Hubbard. I love how he always gets it right – there has never been a time where I left the salon questioning whether I liked my new hair or not. The photos in this post were taken just after he had cut my hair to suit the extensions and styled it in a way I definitely never could.


So there’s my spiel on my current hair situation. For extensions, go to Zala, for hair colour, go to Kris, and for any hair styling needs, go to Liam! If you have any questions, feel free to put them in the comments below!

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