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Colour Rebel

File 13-09-2015 3 39 47 pm[Photo: Becca Crawford; MUA: Byron Turnbull @byronturnbull]

File 13-09-2015 3 42 14 pm[Before shooting]


Almost a year ago, I decided that it was time for a change. But what to change? My hair! It will always grow back.

For a while, I had been dreaming of having that perfect pink fairy floss hair. So, I did my research, Googled who the top hair colourists were in Sydney. I knew this was going to be a massive job and I didn’t want to go to any mediocre hair dresser who might turn my hair some ungodly colour. If you want the best result, you have to go to the best, right? There are many great hair salons here in Sydney, but after looking through all their galleries online, there was only one winner – Edwards & Co. More specifically, Kristina Russell. I quickly emailed the salon to make an appointment with her. About six hours later, there I was – long pink hair without a care in the world (okay, I was a little anxious about how people at work would react).

A few months and a few different colours later, Kristina asked if I would model for some of her YouTube DIY videos – um, no question, yes! Kristina is so talented and I love going back to her to collaborate on new, exciting hair colour ideas. If you’re ever wondering who to go to for a great colour, look no further than her.

Instagram: @colorkristina
YouTube Channel: Color Kristina
Website: Kristina Russell
Salon: Edwards & Co