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Top Denim Trends to Get You Outside

Denim trends are looking back to the 90s for inspiration and we are here for it. Think wide leg and think baggy. In addition to these cuts, we are seeing some new edgy designs like the asymmetrical waist and the split hem. These features are perfect to give your denim look a little something extra to elevate your outfit. These new trends are perfect to pair with sneakers for the ultimate streetwear vibe.

I like to style my looks with opposing fits. This means that if I’m wearing baggy jeans, I’ll wear a tighter top. Alternatively, if I opt for some classic skinny leg jeans, I’ll wear a more loose fitting top like a sweater or oversized tee. Playing around with proportions is another way to make your outfit stand out. Let’s look at some of the top denim trends to get your creative juices flowing.

The Blue Wash
The Dark Wash
The Light Wash