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The Nude Bikini

Nude swimwear can sound kind of daunting. You’re already wearing next to nothing, wearing in a nude shade too? Well, it can work. This nude bikini from Somerfield Swim is one I simply cannot get enough of. The shade in which it comes in is actually really flattering. The cut is perfect and it is super comfortable. The style comes with an underwire for support and also helps keep the top from flying off if you get dunked by a fat wave (trust me, it happened). I paired the top with the Reethi bottom which is nice, high cut, cheeky style. But, you can also match it with a couple of other styles that Somerfield offer like a high-waisted version and a mid cut cheeky.

I think, as long as you’re not wearing a shade that is spot on with your skin colour, you’ll be fine. I’ve had so many compliments when wearing this bikini that, even though I was a little worried when I first wore the set out, I want to wear it all the time now. The key to pulling off this look, without appearing too OTT, is to get a style that has more coverage. I don’t think I’d be daring enough to wear a skimpy bikini that is also nude.

But, please, definitely give this trend a go. It’ll definitely turn some heads for all the right reasons. Below, I’ve put together some alternative styles that would be in my closet if I didn’t already have too many swimsuits.

The Lust List