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The Little White Dress

For every little black dress, there should be a little white dress. Well, that’s my take on it anyway. I absolutely love wearing white – it just makes your whole outfit look more energetic. Maybe I feel this way because I’m usually stuck in the office all day, surrounded by dark coloured suits and dresses – myself included. So, when I go out, I want to change it up and wear something that doesn’t remind me of the gruelling tasks I have waiting for me upon my return. I also find that white is like a blank canvas. There are so many colourful accessories you can pair with it that you can’t necessarily do with black. Take this outfit for example. All I did was throw on some red shoes and grabbed my red bag and viola! A cute outfit that reminds you of spring even though it’s 7 degrees outside.

If you’re running on the same wavelength as me, check out these amazing pieces below that are sure to lift you mood!


Outfit: Shilla the Label Dreamer Dress | Mon Purse Camera Bag | Miu Miu Shoes