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Testing the limits with Slinkii




I am always on the hunt for awesome activewear. I am way too easily sold on buying that set of yoga gear that I really didn’t need, but oh well. Luckily for me, I got to test out Pia Muehlenback’s Slinkii range. My print of choice, the white version of the Marble Edition.


Obviously, the thing you want most out of any kind of activewear is for it to be comfortable. This is stuff you want to be able to sweat in, run in, move in – it needs to be able to adapt to your body. Slinkii has considered that and have used nylon micro-mesh spandex that features moisture wicking and quick dry technologies. And for those of you with bigger busts than me (therefore, everyone other than me), the thick band provides great support for your girls.

The marble print is actually designed by Kane Vato. Kane is an award winning creative specialising in Photography, Art Direction, Branding, Creative Consulting, and Visual Production. This means that each piece from this collection will differ each time – yours will always be unique!

Now, I want to talk a little about this particular photo shoot. For a while now, yogis on Instagram have really been motivating me to try some skills that I wasn’t sure if I could actually do. Due to my gymnastics background, I knew I could give it a crack and not hurt myself – so I did. For about half an hour (my boyfriend would argue that to be longer), I tried and failed again and again until that magic moment where I got it just right. I had so much fun with this shoot and I aim to do more at different locations just because it is so enjoyable. The main thing is to remember that you never know what you are capable of until you just give it a go.


Slinkii Marble Top
Slinkii Marble Leggings


  1. I get easily sold too – especially on cute attire! Love this active wear set! Great photos as well.

    Xoxo, Maggie

  2. Love these pictures!! You inspire me to go back to yoga!



  3. Love everything about this post! So cute!
    Love, Hadasah Love
    http://www.styletolove.com | Instagram @hadasahlove

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