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Summer Sale Time

The great thing about the majority of online sales is that they are based in the US. This means that when they have their season sales we, here in Australia, get to fill our closets with weather appropriate outfits at a discounted price. At the moment, Shopbop is having their summer sale and there are thousands of spring/summer looks to suit everyone. What’s even better is that there are new items added almost everyday!

I’ve got plenty of things bookmarked right now and I’m still sifting through to find anything else to add to the list. One thing I did miss out on was an Acne Studios knit sweater that I had been eyeing before it went on sale. Sadly, I was too slow and by the time I next checked, it was completely sold out! On the upside, I bought these Self Portrait heels that was in my wishlist that went down from $595 (USD) to $297.50 – yes, for those of you how are like me and need a calculator, that’s 50% off. Get in quick!