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Power to the Blazer

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It’s often forgotten how big a role blazers play in your life. For me, the evolution goes as follows:




First, it was the compulsory school uniform that cost my parents an arm and a leg. Back in those days, blazers definitely were not cool. The messier you wore it, the better – until you were caught by a teacher and sentenced to go pick up rubbish around the quad for all of recess.


Next on the blazer evolution scale was the university-era of on-trend boyfriend blazers and fake school blazers that are reminiscent of American upper-class school wear (think Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf). This time period kind

of makes me think either we all miss high school way too much or we want to look ‘mature’ like those corporate chic women going into their fancy offices while I’m trying to search the dark depths of my bag to find $2 to buy a roll of sushi.


Then, at long last, I’ve secured my place in said corporate office and actually wearing blazers to fit in and not look so out of place. Let’s face it, I don’t look corporate at all. I have pink hair, tattoos and most of my clothes suit the street not an office. Not that my managers care (or so they say), but I do feel quite uncomfortable flashing my arm tattoos in fear that I look unprofessional. For the record, I’m a Reporting Analyst and I’m bloody proud of how hard I’ve worked to get here.


Anyway, back to the blazers. Although they are definitely a staple in my closet, I don’t have very many that I can depend on. I can count how many I have on one hand and still have two fingers to spare. There is a reason for this: I just can’t find any that I love enough to add to the small collection. I have an internal checklist and blazers must pass this test in order to make the cut:

• They need to be versatile – can I wear them with sneakers and heels? Will it go with jeans and dresses?

• Length – I’m quite short and brands tend to make all their clothes for six foot tall models. Seriously, there aren’t many people who are that tall. So I have to make sure the sleeve length and the actual length of the blazer itself are right for me

• At least one feature that stands out – whether it be a bit of gold hardware on the pockets, printed lining to show off when you roll your sleeves up, or a waterfall collar with contrasting texture to the body of the blazer. It needs something that sets it apart from your generic blazer


My three forever-blazers I’ve had for more than three years. They are the kind of pieces that you will spend any amount to fix if they break – no matter how much they cost you to buy. I am always on the hunt to add to my small collection, so if anyone has any suggestions, hit me up in the comments below!
For now, here’s a new blazer I got from BC. Although it’s an amazing and unique piece, it probably won’t be an everyday item – but, it’s definitely a keeper.

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