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Oxfords & Loafers to Complete Your Tailored Look

Shoes maketh the look – or it can. I made the switch from wearing ballet flats to oxfords (or brogues, if you will) years ago when I worked in retail and spent hours on end standing on marble floors. Ballet flats, although they look nice, don’t always offer the same level of comfort as other shoes. Usually, the soles are quite thin and the ones I’ve bought are narrow too. This led to my feet aching and cramping at the end of each day. I ended up finding some oxfords on eBay at the time and literally wore them until they broke. Since then, I’ve always kept at least one pair in my wardrobe at all times.

The ones I’m wearing here are from Jo Mercer and they are easy to pair with so many looks. Although they do look quite summery, I wouldn’t say no to wearing them all throughout the year. These sort of platform lace up shoes add an extra element to your look and can really lift it up. Not only that, they are extremely comfortable and I have no issues walking around in them all day long.

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