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Killer Activewear to Motivate You

There is no doubt that getting some new killer activewear to motivate you to get yourself to the gym works. There is also no doubt that we all know that it’s a placebo effect but let’s just dust that under the rug. We’ve all had our time to hibernate during the colder months where we might have gained a little (or a lot of) weight. But now, it’s time to get that body beach-ready.

When I’m buying activewear, I actually steer clear of really budget pieces. This is because you will be wearing and washing these every week, moving around in them, putting them through quite a lot of stress. You don’t want your leggings to tear at the seams mid-class, do you? I also find that cheaper brands wear a lot quicker. You will get maybe a couple of months out of it before they start to wear and tear. In addition to that, you want pieces that are suited to your type of workout. Getting $10 cotton leggings from Target is just going to heat you up, making your exercise feel harder than it should be. Let’s go through some of my favourite brands, what’s in my wardrobe, and some wants.


P.E NATION is a staple in my closet. Although they are on the pricier side, I’ve had pieces from years ago and they are still in the same quality as when I first bought them. Not only that, the cut of the sports bras and leggings are very flattering on the body. I’ve worn my pieces in hot yoga, resistance-based workouts and cardio – in all scenarios, they kept me cooler than other brands I’ve tried.

Sports Bras

Find the right sports bra for you. I tend to go to medium-support styles as I usually only lift weights. However, if you’re a yogi, you might only need light support. For cardio lovers, I would recommend something with a lot of support due to the high impact nature of those activities.

Bike Shorts

Leggings, like the bike shorts above, are key to a comfortable workout. I’ve got a pair of ribbed leggings, which are great for exercising winter (and look so good on), are not so great for warmer days. I love high waisted styles that are just long enough to sit above my ankles – I find these are most flattering.