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IT Bag Status

The IT Bag Club


It was always a goal of mine to own an ‘IT’ bag at some point in my life. I still remember wandering in the Chanel flagship store when I was 17 years young, staring at the, then $3,300, 2.55 and thinking to myself, I will get this bag before I’m 21.


Now, 11 years later, that dream has somehow slipped even further away. The prices have increased at a crazy rate and although I haven’t stepped into a Chanel store in years, I’m pretty sure that same bag retails for over $7,000 now. Do I still want it? Of course. Can I justify it? Not a chance in hell. But I never stopped looking out for an ‘IT’ bag I could, affordably, call mine.

(image source: shopbop.com)

Back in the present day, I can say that I do.


Guys, meet the Marc Jacobs Snapshot Camera Bag. Whether or not this bag is actually for cameras, I will leave that up to you. It is great, however, as an everyday bag for those on the run. Just popping out for dinner? No problem. Chuck in your phone, wallet and keys and you still have some room to spare for lippie.


So, when I got mine, there were only 3 different variations. Head over to Shopbop now and there 19 styles and counting. You can also purchase straps individually to mix and match to your liking. And what makes this deal so much sweeter? The bag starts from just AUD $390! Straps can set you back about $113 but honestly, you’ve got a bag you can chop and change to suit any outfit for around $500.


Check out all the styles here or my top picks below!