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For the Love of Scarves

The addiction is real. It started off with the need for an extremely warm scarf when all I had at the time was a silk blend Louis Vuitton one that was great fashion-wise but not so great for, you know, the weather. I got a $40 behemoth from Zara which was almost twice the length of me and super thick – it was no Lenny Kravitz blanket-scarf, but close enough. It was perfect for winter in Queenstown, New Zealand and when I got back, I wore it every day in Sydney.

In the three months since then, my giant scarf collection has grown by 2. One from ACNE Studios and another from Kenzo. Right now, I’m really into styles that are quite loud as I like to keep the rest of my outfit minimal and subtle (think plain tee and black skinny jeans). I find that this combination gives off a sort of street aesthetic without having to venture into the 90’s trend that’s booming at the moment. I do appreciate the flashback however it can be a tad bit over-the-top with the logo-heavy moto sports jackets and humongous sneakers.

This ACNE Studios Logo Scarf is an absolute statement piece. It comes in a variety of colours and I opted for the black. You can also invert the colours just by turning the scarf in its other side.

Another recipient into Jen’s Hall of Scarves is this Kenzo Sport Stole Scarf. Not as long as the ACNE one but just as warm. This scarf is a small fringe on the ends and gives your look a bit of an athleisure feel. Be quick, there’s only a few left for sale!

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