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Everyday Essentials

More than anything, everyday essentials are just that these days, essential. No matter where you are in the world today, we are much less likely to get dolled up. Instead, we are just doing the basic essentials of day-to-day life. The workwear section of my wardrobe remains untouched for the last four months as I continue to work from home. I don’t even see this changing in the near future. As time goes on, I can see that another part is growing pretty strong – casualwear.

Although the events that caused us to fall into this trend are unfortunate (to say the least), it has pushed us to seek comfort. We are no longer trying to force our bodies into clothes that don’t stretch, where you have to sit for hours at a desk, all the while wishing you could button for a little extra space. And I am all for this.

I found this great section on Shopbop with an amazing range of everyday essentials that will help refresh your outfits through this era of COVID. Here are some of my picks from that page, but have a look yourself, there are so many great ideas.