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Combat Boots You Need Right Now

If you’ve been on any kind of social media lately, you will know that combat boots are making a massive comeback so I wanted to share which ones you need right now. Although it makes me feel way too old when I say this, I remember the days in the naughties when flatform shoes were all the rage – popularised by the mighty Spice Girls. They came in the form of super tall Sketchers sneakers mostly. My older sister had some and they were the only item in her wardrobe I didn’t want to steal.

When the trend came back around this time, I was hesitant (as usual). But after purchasing some Zara sneakers with a thick sole for a festival, they quickly became my favourite shoes. And I’m not just saying that – look at my Instagram. I am ALWAYS wearing them! So I have compiled combat boots that I have, as well as some that are on my wishlist.

Off White combat boots

I got these bad boys last week from Shopbop. Off White has me completely obsessed. These are currently on sale for a massive 50% off! I’ll definitely be wearing them to my upcoming trip. They have a 1.75 inch rubber sole and the rest of it is made out of leather. Shop these Off White Hiking Boots here. You can also get them in full black but those aren’t on sale.

Nastygal Combat Boots

Next up, we have these white beauties from Nasty Gal. I love the gold hardware detail on these! Although the price tag seems a little much, Nasty Gal is always on sale (right now, they have 60% off everything). So they are definitely worth it. Shop these chunky boots here.

Now, here are a couple on my wishlist.

Dr Marten Lace Up Combat Boots
Jadon 8 – Eye Boots from Dr Martens (I swear I had a pair but I don’t remember where I put them!)
Photo: The Iconic