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Best Streetwear for Under $100

For under $100, there are so many retailers that offer pieces that you can style together for that streetwear vibe. Although we can all admit that the well-known hypebeast brands are goals, we can’t all afford to buy it. Nor do we want replicas. However, if you know where to look, you can find the styles that you want and create a whole outfit that is within budget. If you’re in need of some styling inspiration, you can check out some of previous posts featuring key streetwear looks: Basics are Best, Loungewear Meets the Street.


Let’s start off with sweatshirts. For me, an oversized sweatshirt or jumper is essential. Sometimes, if you’re looking to Instagram for inspiration, the brands that catch your eye usually have a hefty price tag attached. You will hear me talk about the brand Factorie a lot. I absolutely love this brand. They offer the exact styles I want for a very cheap price. Not only that, the quality is amazing – unlike some other fast fashion retailers out there where $30 will get you something you could probably only wear for one season.

Here are a some other options that I found online for under $50


Next up, sweatpants. I’m quite picky when looking for these. I like styles that aren’t too tight around my thighs and calves. They need to be high waisted, but not too much. I usually steer clear of ones that claim to be ‘slim fit’. Trust me when I say, I have tried so many different styles of trackpants and these are the ones I highly recommend. The Classic Trackpant from Factorie is the perfect all-rounder, i.e. ticks all the boxes I mentioned just before. They also offer some graphic styles which I’m definitely keen for. Their Slouchy Trackpant is also a favourite of mine, providing that super oversized look.

Below are some other options under $60


I find that jeans are a bit harder to find. The style that I like to go for are the 90s style, baggy at the bottom ones. I really love the ones I got from Nasty Gal which are in the first image of this post. For under $70, you can snap up these