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Basics Are Best

My wardrobe is currently full of basics that can be mixed and matched to form completely new looks. The shift in clothing priority has come at a time when world events has shifted a vast majority of the population to stay at home where comfort is key. Even as Australia is slowly coming out of lockdown, I am finding it hard to steer myself away from sweats and trackies. Fashion has adapted to this new normal and I have to say, I like what I see. With extended time in isolation, creativity has flourished and I’ve enjoyed seeing truly fun and inspiring trends take over social media.

I am now constantly on the hunt for really good basics that I can transition into everyday wear, even when this is all over (really hoping that it’s after winter ’cause it will give me a good excuse to stay indoors). In this post, I will show you what my wardrobe favs as well as some things on my wishlist.

My Wardrobe

The Wishlist

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  1. So cool! I loved them 🙂


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