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Affordable Puffer Jackets You Need

Puffer jackets are one of those wardrobe staples that you will always have a use for. The cut generally doesn’t change too much so you can really get away with wearing the same one for years. These pieces can range greatly in price, depending on if you go designer or not (Canadian Goose fans, I’m looking at you). I generally like to stay within the $100 – $300 range, but each to their own. I wouldn’t turn up an opportunity to buy something for $500 if I had unlimited funds, but realistically, I’d rather spend my money elsewhere on something that’s a bit more trans-seasonal.

I recently worked with Decjuba on their new D-LUXE collection and I was lucky enough to get my hands on 3 different types of puffer jackets they will be releasing now and in the near future. There is my favourite: black, with thumb holes for extra warmth and an oversized collar (Luxe Puffer Jacket $139.95). Then there was a gorgeous mustard puffer jacket with contrasting black zippers and a leather look style that exudes luxury (both yet to be released). Scroll down to view some items I have in my want list that won’t break the bank.

The Want List