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Top 5 Online Stores for Petites

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If you’re short like me and have a smaller frame that usual, it can quite difficult to find any clothing that fits right. For me, the main issue was that my waist is small in comparison to my, for lack of a better word, butt. This meant that whilst something would fit around my bottom, it would be inches too big for my waist resulting in a giant gap between my body and the garment. The other issue was never even daring to look at pants since I knew they would be way too long for my short legs. So, to try and help you under-5’3”-petite-ladies out there who suffer the same problems, I have compiled a list of the top five online stores that cater for us (in no particular order):


1. Asos

This must have been one of the first online stores to provide the Petite option. Specifically for ladies 5’3” and under, the sizes range from AU 2 to AU 14. I have a waist measurement of about 59cm and the clothes here tend to fit quite well and the leg lengths are perfect for my height (5’3”). The negative I would say is that the quality of Asos clothing isn’t the greatest, but it’s relatively affordable.







2. Topshop

Another online retailer that has been offering a Petite range for a while now is Topshop. I think this is where I found my first petite skirt. Before this, I would try net-a-porter.com but it was a gamble and the prices were just out of my range for buying multiple items. Like Asos, Topshop sizing and fit is perfect for my shape and height. The quality is better, but the prices are also relatively higher as one would expect. For me, the downside is that over the recent years, the designs have changed into a style that is not my own. I do, though on rare occasion, find something I love and buy straight away. The regular line of Topshop designs are superior by far.

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3. Missguided

Something that I only recently became aware of was Missguided’s Petite range. If you have shopped at Missguided before, you will know that the quality is a bit of a hit and miss. However, you can’t deny that this place has a great range of funky designs. Just be careful of the colours you see online as they may be different in real life.






4. Nasty Gal

Another place with great, quirky designs, Nasty Gal doesn’t have a specific Petite range but they do stock some items in XXS. Can’t find a dress that tight enough to fit over your non-existent bust? Nasty Gal has got you covered. What I really enjoy about this store is that they usually provide actual measurements specific to the garment you are looking at rather than an overall sizing chart which, let’s be honest, is no help whatsoever.

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5. Dotti

Dotti also doesn’t have a designated Petite selection, but their smallest size fits as nicely around the waist as something from all the stores above. And, my goodness, they are so cheap! They tend of have a different sale on every time I drop by – the last one being 30% off all full-priced clothing. The quality for the price is well worth it and the various trends they stock for is amazing. I have almost never walked out empty handed with money to spare.