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Know when to walk awayDuring my trip outside of the city, it was very apparent that I was one of the only Asians around. I would catch some of the locals staring quite a bit and this definitely made me what to find the most un-populated places to take some photos. My mum is from Hong Kong and my dad is Chinese Malay – if you know me, you know that I am not your traditional Asian girl. My parents didn’t force me to study something I didn’t want to in university, they fully supported me in pursuing a career in the arts (look at me now! I work at a bank! Small steps…). And, I realise how little I know about my own culture.

I recently read an article on one of China’s high profile bloggers, Xie Zuoshi. It was regarding a growing concern around the growing gap between the number of males and females across the nation. Now, I don’t plan on forming any sort of personal opinion about the piece as a whole. Instead, I want to focus one key paragraph within this article. I quote:

“Behind the imbalanced sex ratio of 30 million bachelors lie 30 million baby girls who died due to sex discrimination. But somehow everyone’s still crying that some men can’t find wives.”

This quote came from a lady named Zheng Churan – a women’s rights activist.

When I first started reading this article, I was just going through my normal morning routine – eat my breakfast whilst skimming through various news websites to try and wake up. The above quote came in at the second last paragraph and hit me like a wrecking ball. Not in the destructive sense, but in a way that made me get goosebumps and tingles all over my body. I probably wouldn’t fall into the feminist category (I’ve never really graded myself on the topic), but to this quote, I raise my metaphorical glass.

Sure, I do think it’s unfair to those bachelors who are most likely too ‘poor’ to be considered ‘catch’ – they didn’t ask to be a boy. But, it also clearly shows a grave amount of gender inequality the nation cares so much for their male species. First, they only want males, not thinking there will be an issue later on. Then, when they finally do realise what’s gone on, all they care about is the male not being able to find a mate – most probably only to reproduce another male.

Something like this, it makes me feel quite sad. These are all human beings, they all deserve to find someone to love and grow old with (if that is what their hearts desire). But hey, maybe it’s a cultural thing that I will never understand.

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