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Vasa Blå

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A few months ago, I wrote a post about the Sudio Vasa earphones and how they were so amazing. Now, I’ve got my hands on the Sudio Vasa Blå to go with my iPhone 7 Plus. A little bit of background, the Vasa Blå is a model of earphones that are wireless and connect to devices using Bluetooth. Sudio have endeavoured to bring all the elements that made the Vasa great, into this newer model.


Now, onto my own personal review. First thing’s first, the sound quality doesn’t seem to have been jeopardised by the fact that these earphones are wireless – which was one of my initial concerns. I don’t usually trust wireless tech

accessories as I believe a cable is much more reliable for connectivity, however, the sound quality is fine. It felt great being able to get up and move around without having to bring my phone with me and worrying about the wire getting caught in something. The Blå is also good for iPhone 7 users who have lost their headphone jack and need to charge their phone but want to listen to music at the same time.


Charging the Blå doesn’t take long either. They come with a short USB cable which you can plug into your computer – you can do a quick charge which only takes

10 minutes, or you can leave them to charge overnight for a full charge that takes about 120 minutes. Unfortunately, due to the short cable, you can’t use the earphones while they’re charging.


The only downfall of this, and most likely any Bluetooth-reliant devices, is that there will be some areas where the signal is blocked or interfered by something in your surroundings. Music will cut in and out and I tend to just pause it while walking past these areas.


The Vasa Blå is available here in Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White, Blue and Pink.