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I think we’ve all been victim to scouring the edges of Google trying to find the best place for your beauty needs. I’m not one to pamper myself often and I think it’s mostly due to the fact that I just don’t know where to go. There are so many salons out there, it’s hard to narrow it down. Then, when you do get it down to, say five, then you have to consider which one is the easiest to get to. Recently, I came across this amazing platform called Vaniday. If you aren’t familiar with this name, get familiar. Vaniday, a website that has its own app, is a place that collates a huge variety of different salons, detailing their services and prices, all in one place. From here, you can select the treatment (or treatments, if you’re going the full pamper route), and book in it – all in a matter of a couple of minutes. My life right now is getting insanely busy with full time work, blogging, and life in general, so I don’t have time to go researching for the perfect place like I used to.

Vaniday has it all – hair, nails, makeup, skin, hair removal, spas, massages, and for you blokes out there, barbers. Each salon has a full address, details on whether they accept online payment, a rating system on how expensive each place is, whether a salon has any promotions on, and user ratings/reviews – you can see all this information before you even click on a single salon. You can search based on location, what specific service or treatment you want, dates, and price range. Seriously, the ways in which you can narrow down your results is so vast, but so efficient, it really saves you so much time.


Vaniday is a relatively new platform so they currently only cover Sydney and Melbourne, but I think they’re onto something that is really missing from the market today – a easy-to-use, no fuss product that puts you in control. No doubt, they will soon be covering Australia, nationwide.

I had a try at the app a couple of weeks back, to book in facial for myself after a long week of work. If you know me, you know that I don’t really do facials (because I don’t know much about that!). So I spent about five minutes browsing through the places on Vaniday. I liked the look of this Thai place, Varda, who had a treatment called, Elemis Skin Specific Taster Facial. Professional photos, check, good user rating, check, close to work, check. Done – let’s book this in. I think it was about three or four clicks and it was all complete. The only thing that lengthened the process was having to sign up to Vaniday, but obviously you would only need to do this once. After the booking process is complete, the service is added to your ‘My Appointments’ tab so you can keep track (there’s also a nifty place to view your previous appointments so you can easily book again). It is that simple! I sound like an infomerical…but it really is that easy. I really do recommend using Vaniday and to sign off, here is a visual on the process.

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That’s it!


You can even see the exact time it took me to do all of that since all these images are just screenshots of my phone as I was making the booking. Five minutes, including the two minutes it took to sign up to Vaniday.


So if you want to give it a go (and you should), here is the link to their website and you can download the app too!



  1. Splendid photos! Love it!!!
    xoxo, Hadasah

    1. Thank you!

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