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The Sound of Sudio

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You’ve heard it before, a phrase that will never die, a phrase that will always ring true. Quality over quantity. With the way technology is advancing currently, refinement seems to be at the forefront. One obvious example of this is Apple’s latest release, the iPhone 7. Sure, it may not have the million new physical features that we have all come to expect, however, all the refinements behind the scenes have made this piece of technology perform better than it has ever been (with stickers. Love those stickers. When it comes to tech, quality comes first and design, second.


From when I was old enough to own my first Walkman (for those of you who are too young to know what that is, it’s this), I was obsessed with earphones that, when I closed my eyes, would make me feel like I was in the crowd of a live performance. Of course, at that age, I couldn’t afford that $2 ice cream from the canteen, so buying a good pair of earphones for my hand-me-down Walkman was out of the question. Nowadays, being a responsible adult (ha!) and working full-time as a Reporting Analyst has allowed me to afford the fancy tech of today, sort of.

But, the thing with earphones is, you can’t test them before you buy and I’m too lazy to carry around headphones in my bag every day. I was using Sennheiser CX2.00’s, which I bought from JB Hi-Fi for about $90, and they were fantastic. That was before I was introduced to Sudio.


Hailing from Stockholm, Sudio takes pride (and rightly so) in handcrafting their products for the majority of their production process. Physically, you can see the craftsmanship. I personally got the Sudio Vasa series in white and rose gold, which came with its very own leather case and clip. The first thing that caught my attention was the cable. Instead of your usual cylindrical cable, you have a thin flat cable (like the rice noodles in pho) which means tangled cables are a thing of the past and you can feed that perfectionist inside you by rolling the cable into a circle for easy storage. And, the most critical design feature for me, it is noise cancelling. So, Sudio has got the design part down pat, but what about the most important thing?

I thought that my Sennheisers were pretty top notch and that anything that others termed ‘better’ would only sound better to those people who listen to music through earphones for a living. I was proven wrong. These Sudio Vasa’s delivered such a clean and crisp sound like nothing else. The brand credits this to a carefully tuned driver and amplifier. The combination of driver and amplifier is able to separate the sound of every instrument in every song, thereby giving the listener a true studio experience. The music becomes so rich and you can feel that bass in your ear, giving you such a full experience.
So, if you’re on the market for some new earphones that win at both form and functionality, head over to Sudio – you can use the code jenniferchong to receive 15% your purchase.


Sudio Vasa BLÅ (wireless)

Sudio Vasa

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