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I’ve never been one to visit the gym for the simple reason of I don’t like gyms. I just don’t find it enjoyable enough to work it into my routine. I have gone along with my guy friends who gym four to five times a week, but only to test how strong I am and have some fun (it also needs to be free). To be quite frank, I attained my muscles quite easily since I did gymnastics for years when I was younger – I only say it was easy because I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Unfortunately, I was forced to stop due to scoliosis which limited the amount my back could bend – which crushed me since that was the thing I was most proud of, the flexibility of my back. I did return to gymnastics for fun to see what I could still do (a lot, actually), but due to the irreversible damage already caused during my early years, I couldn’t maintain it, which was a shame because it really was one of the only high-powered activities I enjoyed. In end, both my hips gave out, my ankles were too weak meaning every landing was met with excruciating pain.

That’s when I met yoga. Don’t get me wrong, I am a novice through and through. I go with some girlfriends every Monday to the Bikram class (hot yoga) and although it is only once a week, the results are already showing.

I also do a little extra each night to strengthen my abdominal muscles (’cause, you know, six pack) by doing a seven-part exercise that I learned at gymnastics. Our coach used to get us to do three reps in a row without pause, which seemed easier at the time, but now I struggle to do one rep without stopping! But you know what they say, keep practicing! The exercise consists of*:

  • V-snaps (x10)
  • L-snaps (x10)
  • Crunches (x10)
  • Flat snaps (x10)
  • Cross over sit ups (x10, left)
  • Cross over sit ups (x10, right)
  • Ins-and-outs (x10)

If anyone is keen to learn more about this exercise and how to do each item on the list, I will be making a video soon to teach you how.

*the names of these exercises are what we referred to them as in our gymnastics club. Sorry in advance if they differ from their real names


Bikini set: Eighth Mermaid

Location: Middle Beach, Nelson NSW

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  1. love these photos! you look amazing girl!


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