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Passion Tree Launch





Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Passion Tree Launch Party at Chatswood Interchange. I have a mega sweet tooth so obviously, I was really excited to try what was on offer. Moving into the Sydney market from Brisbane, Passion Tree is known for their Bing Soo and Honeybread. It was a little too cold to try the Bing Soo (which I believe is made up of shaved ice and yummy toppings and syrups), but I did get to try their Honeybread (and waffles, and cakes… and maracons. Yes, I stuffed myself!). The Honeybread was amazing! A giant slab of 2-inch thick bread covered in what I can only describe as creamy, buttery goodness. This dish is great to share although having one all to yourself is fine too! But there is definitely enough on the plate to feed four after dinner.

The Banana Crunch Waffles and the Caramel Popcorn Waffles were equally as delicious. These guys also don’t skimp on the amount of stuff they layer on top the waffles –Β  I don’t think my dentist will be happy!

With the maracons, if I were to choose only one, it would definitely be the Jasmine flavoured one. One thing my friend and I agreed on was the fact that these maracons tasted true to the flavour they were labeled with.

The night was a great success in my eyes. There were food bloggers at every table, taking many snaps (I’m sure to love all the colourful flat lays I’ll see on Instagram) and happily enjoying their multitude of desserts. This will definitely be a place I will frequent with my friends – enjoying just a cup of matcha latte or a full-blown dessert feast.

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Coat: Burberry Prorsum (similar here)
Knit: H&M (similar here)
Pants: Topshop
Scarf: Louis Vuitton
Boots: Chanel