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MBFWA Outfit Round-up

Outfit One | 17 May 2016








One piece made this outfit, the parka. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was aiming to wear items in my wardrobe that I had hardly touched since purchasing them. This Burberry Prorsum parka from their Spring 2012 collection was the closing piece for that runway show and it definitely fit the brief. Because it really speaks for itself, I decided to pair it with a simple white shift dress from Jonte designs and Adidas Originals Superstars.



As you can see, there is a lot of detail in the sleeves. This is due to the fact that it is constructed from lambskin leather that has been woven between each other.

Each sleeves weighs in at about 2kg so this coat can get a little on the heavy side – but c’mon, it’s Fashion Week.

The hood also carries a lot of detail as well. It is lined with raffia, which was a key material for the entire collection. Around the parka there is also handmade logo embossed wooden toggles which can be pulled in to create a completely different look. I finished off the outfit with a white shift dress whose geometric design would go well with the parka. For shoes, I kept it casual with Superstars.


(image on left: style.com)


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Outfit Two | 19 May 2016






I took it up a notch for my next outfit. Sticking to my Burberry roots, I wore their cashmere knit with Blue Fox fur that was weaved throughout the sleeves. This piece made an appearance on the Burberry Fall 2011 Ready-To-Wear runway. I thought I might get too hot with this on, but it turned out to be perfect for the 24 degree weather.

I paired the knit with a mini, A-line, pleated leather look skirt. I always like mixing a bit of grunge into an otherwise ethereal look so, of course, my skirt had to have spikes running down the sides of the skirt.

To finish off the look, I wore Burberry ankle boots that also gave off a rocker chic vibe with this studded straps and sky-high heels.


(image on right: style.com)


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Outfit Three | 20 May 2016








The final day of MBFWA called for seriously comfortable shoes and ‘casual Friday’ sort of look. Again, being the accidental Burberry ambassador, I wore the first ever piece I purchased from them. The leather jacket that, to me, made all other leather jackets seem unworthy. This one came down the runway of one of my favourite shows of all-time, the Burberry Spring 2011 Ready-To-Wear. I remember flicking through all the looks on style.com and drooling over each and every piece. When I finally had the chance to get my hands on this jacket, there was no stopping me (secretly, I wish I could have bought the entire range).

Back to the outfit.


I was actually having such a hard time thinking of what to wear for the final day. I tend to only think of what to wear at midnight the night before – hastily rummaging through my wardrobe to see what else I splurged on in my youth.

Then I found my Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti dress/slip. I bought this lovely silk and lace piece in what must have been circa 2009 and worn it once besides last Friday – which is a huge shame since it is so beautiful to this day. Come to think of it, I should have done some more detail shots of just the dress.

Finally, to add just one more layer to the look, I wore my Missguided grey duster under the leather jacket for the drapiness and to break up all the black of the other two pieces.


(image on left: style.com)


  1. Love all of the looks, especially the white fur top, soooooo pretty


  2. Love all of these looks, especially the last one! Great shoe choice 🙂

    XX Annie


  3. LOVE designer pieces on each outfit! So dope!
    And I really like your hair colour! 🙂

  4. Loving your style, so beautiful!

    DadieB. ~

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