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Happy Lunar New Year













Happy Lunar New Year everyone! For all you Monkeys out there, this is your year!

This time around, it was a pretty low-key celebration, but usually, we ring in the new year by gathering up all the relatives and have a nice big dinner filled with crab, fish, noodles and, my fav, red bean soup. 逗利是 (lai see, or Red Envelopes) are much anticipated for me, anyway and it’s just great to see my whole extended family for our once-a-year reunion.

There’s plenty to see and do around Sydney, for example, there are big decorations placed all around the CBD representing the different animals of the Chinese Zodiac. The Opera House was bathed in red, fireworks light the night’s sky and the parade makes its way down George Street (you can check out what events are here). I think I’ll definitely be making more of an effort to see more of these events next year, but for now, I’ll be prepping for my trip to the Great Barrier Reef!


Dress: Glamorous
Shoes: Cotton On

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  1. Love this look. Your hair is so pretty! Happy new year!

    xx freshfizzle

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