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Aim’n Haul

Fitness gear is definitely my go-to. If I could have it my way, I’d be in it 24/7. I’ve gone through A LOT of different activewear brands and I have to say that Aim’n is one of my favourite brands. What they have perfected is ultimate comfort whilst making your body look absolutely bangin’.

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The first time I wore this beige set to my regular F45 class, literally everyone gave me a compliment and asked me where I got it from. It’s an absolute winner.

I think out of all the pieces I have from Aim’n, this combination is my favourite due its versatility. Beige or pink tights can be hard to match if you just want to run to the shops in something comfy with no thoughts of actual exercise in mind, besides exercising your bank account. The grey tights can be matched so easily and therefore I get the most wear out of them. Plus, they make your butt look so damn good.

This is the newest set to enter my wardrobe. After my first haul, Aim’n came out with some new colours and, of course, I just had to have this one. This time I went for the long sleeve crop which is AMAZING. Seriously, their stuff just fits so well. I also got their yoga mat (currently 30% off!) so I can do some home workouts along with some resistance bands that not only come in 3 different resistance levels, but also in different colours (grey, plum and pink). Time to get the beach booty!