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About Me

Tonight We Dream by Jennifer Chong

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I originally started blogging circa 2007 while I was studying at University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts – majoring in Time-Based Art. It was just a hobby, sharing my outfits of the day and writing about day-to-day life. As time went on, however, general uni life took over and blogging became but a distant memory. I made another attempt to revive it around 2012, but that didn’t really last long either. It was only until July of ’15 that blogging reappeared in my life. The real driving factor for me was the fact that life was getting a bit dull. Day in, day out, my routine was something like: wake up, go to work, come home, play video games, sleep, repeat.

While being a couch potato was good while it lasted, something needed to change. And that is how ‘Tonight We Dream’ was born. This name, or title if you will, was something I had actually had tattooed on my forearm during my last weeks of

university. Having made a short film around the idea of dreams for my last major work of my degree, I thought it was only fitting to get something to remind me of the experiences I went through.

Fashion, for me, has always been a part of who I am. As a child, I remember at about 4-years-old, I would argue with my mum on what I wanted to wear. As a teen, I would go through every single runway show on style.com every season and save the looks I liked onto my computer. With my very first paycheck, I spent every cent of it on a Sass & Bide skirt (and the second paycheck on a Sass & Bide dress). Which brings me to now. Although I have become somewhat more sensible with my spending, fashion is still at the forefront of what is important to me because, as corny and overused as it sounds, I do think that fashion can help define who you are – and come on, we all know retail therapy is the best kind of therapy.